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Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten can offer advice to companies and individuals on all manner of legal issues. Our lawyers have years of expertise and experience in the following legal areas.

Corporate and company law

The lawyers at Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten have been advising and litigating in the field of corporate and company law for many years. They focus on both larger and smaller businesses. Our lawyers can work quickly and give concise and effective advice. Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten can advise you on, e.g., incorporations and take-overs, the preparation of shareholder agreements, joint ventures, conflicts within companies, disputes about executive liability and other business-law disputes.

Contract law and law of obligations

We will gladly assist you in the preparation of general terms of delivery, but also all other types of agreements and contracts.

Liability law

Did you suffer damage and want the injurious party to be held liable, or are you being held liable and do you not agree? We can offer advice on a possible solution and will, when necessary, conduct legal proceedings. Our lawyers have ample expertise in both contractual and non-contractual liability.

Real estate and tenancy law

There is a great diversity in legal rules within tenancy law, both in the field of residential dwellings as well as business premises. Our lawyers have extensive expertise in these fields, in particular in the field of the rental and lease of commercial real estate. We can also offer advice with regard to the (re)development of real estate.

Debt collection

The collection of debts – big and small – is a pre-eminent speciality of Sol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten. Feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities.

Attachment and execution law

A convicting judgment without means of redress offers no relief. Therefore, Sol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten can examine, at your request, whether your means of redress can be assured in advance, for example by means of a prejudgment attachment or executory attachment. In addition, Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten works in close cooperation with nationally operating bailiff’s offices, enabling us to always take firm action.

Bankruptcy and insolvency law

Do you need a experienced bankruptcy lawyer because you want to file bankruptcy against one of your debtors? Or do you want to prevent an imminent bankruptcy? Our firm can help you. Our experienced lawyers deal with all aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency law.

International private law

IPL determines which national laws are applicable to the relationship between parties in international cases.

Trade is not limited by borders. Neither are disputes. Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten has extensive knowledge in this field of law, e.g. of the Vienna Sales Convention and other treaties. In addition, Bol & Voskuilen Advocaten has local partners who can offer assistance abroad.

International procedural law is a related field, and e.g. refers to the question of which court of which country is competent, as well as whether and how countries mutually recognise each other’s judgments. This all depends on the treaties between the countries.

Are you involved in an international dispute? Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten can help you.

Employment law

In the field of employment law, Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocation can offer assistance to both employers and employees. Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten has extensive experience in employment-law disputes, such as dismissal cases, back wages, violation of non­competition clauses, invalidity, reorganisation and industrial accidents. Do you require help or advice in an (imminent) employment dispute, or would you like to know whether you are entitled to a transitional compensation and how much? Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten is here for you to represent your interests.

Family and juvenile law

Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten deals with the legal aspects of all manner of personal relationship. These not only relate to married partners, but also people who live together with or without a cohabitation contract, and people in a registered partnership.

A large part of our family law practice consists of the legal settlement of divorces. We can deal with not only issues regarding the divorce itself, but also the property-law consequences, including the settlement of marriage contracts or the distribution of the marital community of property, as well as partner and/or child maintenance, custody of and access to the children, the place of residence of the children and pension equalisation. In addition, family and juvenile law comprises various fields which can be separate from divorce cases, such as custody and access, law of descent, recognition, maintenance payments and youth protection measures (including supervision orders and placement into care).

Do you require advice or assistance? Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten can help you!

(Economic) criminal law

Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten has extensive expertise in the field of criminal law. In addition to general criminal law, Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten also handles criminal matters relating to juveniles, in the field of economic criminal law, confiscation, and prison law. Are you looking for assistance in a criminal case? Do you want advice or would you like to know what penalties may be imposed for unlawful conduct? Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten is here for you to represent your interests.

Intellectual property

Intellectual Property (IP) is a collective name for a number of rights or products of the mind. Our lawyers can be of service to you in the field of copyright law, trademark law, design law and trade name law.

Administrative law

Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten can assist individuals and businesses in administrative matters.

Equine law

Equine law has seen major developments in the past years and is increasingly becoming a area of law in its own right.


Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten deals with all kinds of legal aspects related to the equestrian sports and horse breeding. Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten offers support in the following equine matters:


  • Preparation of purchase agreements for horses;
  • Disputes that arise after the purchase/sale of a horse (when a horse bought does not meet the expectations or the horse shows (serious) defects);
  • Legal questions and consequences after sale or purchase inspections, as well as questions about veterinary reports;
  • Employment-law issues: working conditions, incapacity and dismissal;
  • Questions of liability. Examples are incapacity for work due to an accident with a horse or when your horse caused damage/injuries to third parties;
  • Disputes with municipalities about licences, policies, zoning changes and subsidies.


Are you looking for sound advice or assistance? Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten is happy to be of service.

Procedural law

Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten has a comprehensive litigation practice and knows the ins and outs of all kinds of procedures. Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocation is your best partner not only for summons/recovery proceedings or application proceedings, but also, for example, for (international) arbitration procedures.


The lawyers mentioned below are entered in the register of legal practice areas of the Netherlands Bar in the following principal and secondary legal practice areas:

a. M.A.D. Bol LLM is registered in the principal legal practice area of Business law

b. D.L.A. van Voskuilen LLM is registered in the principal and secondary legal practice areas of];

General practice: civil law and Business law

c. H.A. Bravenboer LLM is registered in the [principal and secondary legal practice areas of:

General practice: civil law and Business law: mergers and acquisitions

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